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Roanoke City World Language Homepage Virginia Department of Education Foreign Language P. VDOE Foreign Language Standards Of Learning
Roanoke City School H. Jackson's Homepage LinguaFolio Virginia


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Links to Spanish-American War

The World of 1898 The History Guy: Spanish- American War Links Crucible of Empire - Spanish American War
Kid Info Spanish-American War The Spanish American War Centenial Website Virginia SOL Resources
Crucible Of Empire : The Spanish-American War - PBS Online World History on Line Social Studies for Kids

Spanish American War docs

The Spanish-American War Resources Crucible of Empire Movie Transcript

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Links to Word Wall Sites

The Preterite Spanish Grammar Exercises - Preterite Camdenton R-III Schools

Irregular Preterite Forms

The Preterite Tense

Learn Spanish


Practice Quizzes for En Español I, II, III

Grammar Exercises Preterite

WordChamp: The Language Learning Network

Spanish Verbs Conjugation Drills Spanish Dial-A-Verb Conjugator
  Preterite/Imperfect   Señora Caño Homepage Preterite/Imperfect Preterite/Imperfect Basic Quiz
Jeopardy spanish.language&culture tpduggan ppt. presentations
Lecciones ppts.    

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Spanish Language Excercises Double Object Pronouns in Spanish Putting Direct and Indirect Object Pronoun Together
Spanish Grammar Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Spanish Tutorial And Review Site - STARS Learn Spanish Direct and Indirect Object Pronoun
Learn Spanish Indirect Object Part 1 Spanish Grammar Exercises Learn Spanish

ar er and ir verbs links

AR ending verbs

ER ending verbs

IR ending verbs

Spanish Verb Games

AR ER and IR Verbs Games

Sra Hannan Homepage

Regular AR verbs Quiz generator Regular ER verbs Quiz Generator Regular IR verbs Quiz Generator

California Missions Project

North Park University Power Point Activities

Ojo de Dios

African American Activities

Puerto Rican Studies for kids

Mrs. Donn's Lesson Plans (Great!)

Internet Resources Library

SOL - (Spanish in Our Library) Homepage

Los 100 Sites Mas Visitados

Translated Documents

First day of the new school year

Richard Russell's Homepage

Links to Spanish American Christmas


Study Spanish!  44.3 Million Hispanics live in the USA today.

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