Pastelitos de Piña   

Abuelita’s recipe

Ingredients for pastry

 4        cups of flour

½        pound of butter

3        eggs

¼        teaspoon of salt

2        teaspoon of baking powder

3        teaspoons of sugar

1/3   cup of cold milk

¼      cup of cornstarch

1       teaspoon of Crisco (my mother uses 1 tablespoon)

 Beat the butter and the Crisco enough to blend.  Now add the  three eggs.

Mix all the dry ingredients and sift them.

Add to the butter mixture.

Mix until it is well mixed.

Make little balls and extend to make little round patties.  Add the pineapple mixture and fold in half.

Flip over on a bed of sugar to sugar coat the top of the pastelito.

Ingredients for filling

1       can of crushed pineapple

1       cup of sugar

2      big stick of cinnamon

        Add cornstarch.

Cook at low temperature until it gets golden color.  Let it cool.  Fill pastelitos.

Bake for 25 minutes at 375o (golden brown)